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Dear Fellow Artist,

You don't have to be a Michael Angelo or have a fancy art degree to create a decent pencil portrait. In fact, there are only two things you need to do

1. Follow a small set of guidelines.

2. Practice 15 to 30 minutes a day.

Thomas by Remi
Graphite Pencil

Here is the big secret:

"Even though we do not completely understand what it is that constitutes a satisfactory physical and spiritual likeness of a subject there is nevertheless a fool proof way to transfer that physical and spiritual likeness to a piece of drawing paper. What's more, this transfer process or system can be quickly and easily learned."

Leon's Dog by Remi
Graphite Pencil

The 5 Step Pencil Portrait Drawing System
- Quick and Easy -

Step 1: How to Prepare a Reference Image

When you use a photograph (which will almost always be the case), much of your success will depend on the correct preparation of your subject photograph.

You will not draw directly from the original photograph. I will show you exactly how to create the perfect reference image from your photograph which you can then use to draw from.

If you want to draw from life (from a model or just sitting in the mall or at the dentist's office) then Step 1 is different. We explain this situation in much detail as well.

Step 2: How to Create a Perfect Line Drawing

Once you have a suitable reference image it becomes surprisingly easy to obtain a professional-looking line drawing. This line drawing forms the structural basis for your final portrait.

We go step-by-step through several examples to show you how this is done. This is not rocket science! But it has to be done right.

Again, if you draw directly from life this Step 2 must be adapted and we show you how.

Step 3: How to Shade Your Line Drawing

As soon as you have finished your line drawing you are ready to start the shading process. There are a few easy shading techniques you need to learn in detail. They are absolutely necessary to create realism and to make your subject come alive.

I carefully explain each of these techniques and give you the necessary exercises to transform them into skills.

Step 4: How and Where to Blend

Blending follows the shading process almost automatically. Here too it is critically important to follows certain guidelines. Ignoring or breaking any of these rules invariably leads to failure. The rules are simple and logical but you need to know what they are and how to apply them.

Step 5: How to Add Highlights and Final Touches

At this stage the portrait is basically finished. However, you can add much pizzazz to your drawings if you apply the correct highlights and the appropriate details. I will teach you exactly how to do this and show you how all these accents can add greatly to the liveliness and the impact of your drawing.

And That's All There Is To It!

Don't get me wrong. To get really good at pencil portrait drawing will require effort on your part. Do not kid yourself. You do not become an accomplished pencil artist overnight.

However, with

The 5 Step Pencil Portrait Drawing System
- Quick and Easy -

you will exactly know what to do. You will have a procedure that will inevitably propel you towards success. Every new effort you put into it will invariably pay off and lead you further down the path to victory. You will never waste your efforts.

All it takes is 15 to 30 minutes a day.

But Wait ...

All Individual Portrait Elements
- Quick and Easy -

The 5 step system is technically complete. That means, if you follow each step properly, you really do not need any more drawing lessons.

However, there is no such thing as too much knowledge. So I included a separate part in the course that explains in detail how to draw each individual portrait element. This is particularly useful if you want to draw from life:

1. Nose     2. Mouth     3. Ears     4. Eyes

5. Hands     6. Hair     7. Facial Hair     8. Clothing

In addition, I added a third part

Compositional Elements
- Quick and Easy -

Your education in pencil portrait drawing would not be complete without a concise study of the necessary compositional elements.

This has actually nothing to do with the actual physical act of drawing. It does have to do with the understanding of several types of relationships between subjects and objects on your drawing paper.

One such relationship concerns the relative position of the subjects and objects. Again, the 5 step system automatically encompasses the compositional relationships once you have decided on the overall scene you wish to draw.

Here are the topics we discuss in this third part of the tutorial:

1. Composition     2. Backgrounds     3. Cropping

4. Multiple Subjects     5. Montage

The Tutorial is 81 pages
long and contains concise but detailed explanations of each of the above mentioned topics. It also contains numerous examples and demonstrations throughout.

But this is not all . . .

The course also comes with a Member Web Site where you can find:

1. Videos
You can download/view a series of short videos that I made demonstrating important techniques and concepts.

There are also a number of downloads of practice materials.

3. Examples
We also display numerous examples that demonstrate the various drawing techniques.

4. Tips
We also collect and list many useful tips that can further help with the development of your drawing skills.

5. Critiques
We also publish critiques of portraits to show you the good and the bad so you can learn from other people's work.

New materials related to pencil portrait drawing are constantly being added to the Web Site.

Building I by Remi
Graphite Pencil

To summarize:

1. Tutorial
The 81 Page Tutorial in PDF Format Containing:

    - The 5 Step Portrait Drawing System
    - All the Elements of a Portrait
    - Compositional Elements

2. Member Web Site
Additional Pencil Portrait Drawing Materials:

    - Valuable Tips
    - Pencil Portrait Critiques
    - Sample Drawings
    - Demonstration Videos
    - Practice Materials Downloads

3. Access to me
You can reach me by e-mail, snail mail, and also via the Member Web Site. I will answer all your questions promptly.

4. Free Updates for Life The Tutorial as well as the Member Web Site will be updated regularly partially based on the input from our students.

You will be notified promptly every time a new version of the Tutorial is ready for download and every time significant changes have been made to the Member Web Site.

5. Bonuses
    - 3 Original Pencil Prints by Remi
(valued at $10 per print)

    - 5-Value Scale

6. A 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

All this for the recession proof price of


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Without hesitation I can tell you that pencil portrait drawing is one of the greatest joys in my life and will be for as long as I live. And it can be for you too!

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